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Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs at Echo Valley Elementary School

Latino Film Project: We are excited to be the first group (grade 5/6 combination class) to begin the film path for NMCUSD. Students and staff participated in a summer workshop, learning how to write scripts, audition characters, film, and edit their work. This program will take place all year and will provide a jumping point to middle school and then high school. More info soon!

Arts Integration: This year, we will begin to more formally integrate the Arts across the curriculum. At this time, many teachers use art, poetry, song, and dance to engage students and help them learn new skills and concepts. We will participate in professional development and have support as we use our artistic skills to become even stronger students and teachers.

Echo Engagement: This group, formally known as the “PBIS Team” will focus on making sure students, staff and families are safe, responsible, respectful, and excited about being at Echo Valley School. We will focus on building a positive school culture, promoting positive problem solving skills in children, and recognizing wonderful things that happen at EV.

Student Council: This last year, our Student Council was revitalized! It now includes TK-6. Students have the opportunity to be campus leaders and to participate in school-wide projects. Last year, they judged the logo contest for our Echo Engagement banner/t-shirts, for example.

Student of the Month Assemblies: At the end of each month, we all gather on the blacktop to recognize positive student behavior and attendance. We also use this time to make announcements and to share special things – such as our new Echo Engagement banner created using a logo designed by a student. This is an exciting way for the community to gather. Family members are also welcome to accompany us!

Fall Festival: In October, the PTG organizes a festival that includes games and booths. We sell delicious treats – both sweet and savory. Activities include things such as: cake walk, face painting and obstacle courses. We also have a pumpkin decorating contest and a costume contest. Grade levels may choose to have a booth and the profit from these sales go to classroom field trips/special activities.

Winter Celebration/Posada: Around the winter holidays, we have a large event that involves a winter concert and a “posada”. Families bring food to share at a large potluck. Hundreds of people come and there are definitely lots of yummy things to eat! Everyone helps – staff, parents and students – to make this big event a reality. It’s magical!

Movie Nights: Our PTG runs a movie night several times during the year. Families are invited to see a film and to partake in snacks such as pizza, nachos and other treats. It’s a fun way to raise money as well as to come together as a community. Inexpensive family night!

Book Fair: The Book Fair happens once or twice each year, usually around Back to School Night and Open House (Fall/Spring). Parent and staff volunteers organize and run the Fair. This is a good opportunity for children to purchase books and other fun items. Teachers also get money towards purchasing classroom library materials.

Spelling Bee: This event has various levels. First we have a school-wide Spelling Bee. Winners are then sent on to a District Spelling Bee. Students who are successful in that Spelling Bee go on the County level and then, finally, a national level.

Read Across America: During Read Across America, classrooms celebrate reading by decorating their door based on a Dr. Seuss theme. They also take part in reading activities in class. Local volunteers come to read with children in classrooms.

Lunch on the Green: During the spring, we invite families to come and have lunch with their children on the grass. It is great to see everyone with their picnic lunch, talking and playing. Some families bring a book and will sit and reach with their children as the event happens around “Read Across America” time.

Just Run: This is an all-day community activity that takes place in spring. Students, families and staff go to Pacific Grove and walk or run on a beachside 5K trail. During the year, students build up their stamina and receive prizes for advancing. This work during the year allows them to feel more prepared. At the event, there are motivational activities. A bus is provided from school to help with movement to and from the event.

Readers’ Ice Cream Social: This event allows us to recognize students who have progressed, reading Accelerated Reader texts and then measuring their understanding with on-line quizzes. The Ice Cream Social is fun and it motivates children. They look forward to this special treat each year.

Panetta Institute Readers: A small group of volunteers come out to our school to read with children who need that extra boost. They sit individually with them and encourage them to continue developing skills and enjoying the gift of reading. Students are assessed to measure growth. At the end of the year, each student gets a book from the program.

Reading is Fundamental (RIF): Each year, we are fortunate to have distribution of books to all children at our site. This program is free to us and it is a way for all kids to own books. The activity also promotes reading in general.

Concerts: During our Back to School Night and again during our Open House, we provide our Echo Valley Community with the opportunity to listen to our talented student musicians! Students in upper grades learn how to play percussion and wind instruments from a music teacher that comes to our site each Friday. We encourage students to continue with instrumental music once they move on to the Middle School.

Talent Show: This show provides our students the chance to showcase their talents – singing, dancing, playing instruments and reciting pieces. We have a day performance for children and then families are invited to be with us in the evening. Children enjoy sharing what they enjoy with others and it’s a great opportunity to be up in front of an audience and proud!